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Alligator_carries_suspense_of_Jaws_into_the_sewers - Kelly, left, hatches a strange little monster...
Kelly, left, hatches a strange little monster in The Thing in My Closet and Other Short Topics. sketch called Hot Peppers. The two routines could benefit from a faster-paced presentation and less repetition. In The puppets. uses dialogue. The skits are cleverly done by the three puppeteers who play all the show's charac Long Island. Hacha said the show will also be added to the repertoire of summer programs done in area parks. 'Alligator' cariies suspense of Jaws' into the sewers By MIKE HUGHES . ' Gannett News Service k You're not going to believe this one, ' but stick with me. It's important. There's a new movie that tells about a baby alligator that is flushed down the toilet, eats chemically treated dogs in the sewer and grows to enormous size. There's more. The 'gator eventually becomes 30 or 40 feet long and weighs a ton. It eludes SWAT teams and the National Guard, crashes through the sidewalk and roams the city. There's more. 1 The 'gator keeps; going, gobbling Movie review ghetto-dwellers and rich folks alike. And now the big surprise. i This is are you ready for this? an excellent movie. . Alligator, which is playing at the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, is one of the happiest surprises to show up in a long time. It's well-acted, powerfully directed and as doubtful as this sounds intelligently written. I told you that you wouldn't believe it. So let me backtrack a moment. Imagine that there's someone who puts, himself through medical school by working as a hit man. Now you're starting to understands young guy named John Sayles. n This year, he came out with personal film called Return of the Secaucus' Seven, which he wrote and directed. Critics raved, calling it perceptive, moving, humorous. . And he helped finance that film by writing the scripts for cheapies like Piranha and Battle Beyond the Stars and now Alligator. Those first two films generally escaped notice, but Alligator may be different. This time, Sayles' script was handed over to an excellent director, Lewis Teague. The script is, indeed, a good one. It leaves room for lots of tense action. It also has surprising bursts of humor and characterization and other things you never expected in a movie about a 2,000-pound urban alligator. - Beyond that, Alligator was given some fine casting. The leads Robert Forster as a cop whose been around and Robin Riker as a reptile expert who hasn't are excellent. Even better are cameo roles like Dean Jagger ; as a doddering chemical mogul and Henry Silva as a great white hunter. And beyond all that, there is Teague's dazzling visual sense. Give the man a flashlight-lit chase through a sewer system and he can make it an ' awesome moment. The finale is particularly powerful. Teague does have a fatal flaw an undue fondness for gore. There are a lot of severed limbs that give this movie a well-deserved Rf ating. Leave the kiddies and some of the adults at home for this one. There are, indeed, many people who won't want to see Alligator. But given a chance, this movie could become something big. ' Jaws made us afraid to go the beach. Alligator may make us afraid to walk near the sewer.

Clipped from
  1. Press and Sun-Bulletin,
  2. 30 Nov 1980, Sun,
  3. Other Editions,
  4. Page 8

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  • Alligator_carries_suspense_of_Jaws_into_the_sewers

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